Professional Pest Control For Plano, Texas Property Owners

If pests are creating problems in your home or business in Plano, Texas, there’s nothing more effective than the pest services offered by Around The Block Pest Control. Our licensed pest control specialists have had years of training and are experienced with providing solutions for any pest infestation. Whether you’re looking for eco-friendly treatments, pest-specific control options, or general pest management services for your home or business, Around The Block has you covered. Avoid problems caused by common Texas pests when you partner with Plano’s best pest control provider. For your free quote or inspection, contact the Texas pest professionals at Around The Block.

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Home Pest Control In Plano, TX

No matter where you live, pests will always be a problem that you must prepare for. Here in Plano, we face many pest problems year-round. Common pests such as ants, insects, mosquitoes, rodents, and spiders are not pests you want in your home. Without proper pest protection, your home is open to these pests to chew on furniture, contaminate food items, damage your property, and spread diseases to you and your family. Around The Block Pest Control provides effective residential pest control plans for homeowners in Plano, Texas.

Monthly Organic Services
If you want an environmentally friendly home service option, our monthly organic services are perfect for you! This service includes essential oil treatments, organic dust treatments, and sweeping your roof eaves.

Quarterly Pest Program
Our quarterly residential service covers all of the most common pest control problems we face here in Plano. With this program, we protect your Plano home from common Texas pests, such as ants, cockroaches, crickets, silverfish, spiders, and more!

Here at Around The Block Pest Control, we are dedicated to providing our customers with the reliable pest control services that will keep their Plano homes pest-free all year long. Reach out to us today for more information about how our residential pest control services keep northeastern Texas properties protected from pests.

Why DIY Flea & Tick Solutions Often Fail In Plano, TX

Fleas and ticks are both major problems in our area. These parasitic insects feed on the blood of both humans and animals but are usually more of a problem for your pets. Fleas and ticks are known for spreading a wide range of diseases that create serious health risks, which is why you never want these pests in or around your property. Diseases that fleas are known to carry and spread include bubonic plague and murine typhus, while ticks are responsible for transmitting Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever.

Unfortunately, avoiding these blood-feeding pests is a difficult task to accomplish. DIY flea and tick treatments are often tempting to try, however, these solutions are rarely ever effective. Most DIY solutions waste more effort, money, and time than traditional flea and tick services, and oftentimes don’t eliminate your pest problem. The best way to keep fleas and ticks away from your Plano property is with professional pest control services from Around The Block Pest Control. We offer year-round commercial and residential pest control services that cover a wide range of common Plano, Texas pests. Feel free to reach out to us today for immediate assistance with all of your pest problems.

Commercial Pest Control in Plano, TX 

It’s no surprise that pests are bad for business. Insects, rodents, spiders, and other pests invade Plano businesses in all industries. If pests get into your commercial building, it’s only a matter of time before they destroy equipment, contaminate products, and scare away customers. When it comes to pest control, your Plano business deserves the best. Avoid the stress and frustration that pests cause when you partner with the licensed pest professionals at Around The Block Pest Control. Whether you own an office building, health care facility, warehouse, apartment complex, or nail salon, we have a commercial pest control program that’s right for your business! At Around The Block, we know how damaging pests can be to your company and your reputation, which is why we make it our number one goal to provide quality pest services that work every time. Keep pests out of your Plano business and partner with Around The Block Pest Control. Contact us today to learn which commercial pest control program is right for your property!

Problems Mosquitoes Cause In Plano, TX

No one enjoys spending time outdoors when there’s always the threat of mosquitoes lurking around their Plano property. Not only are these pesky insects annoying, but they also disturb guests and ruin outdoor events when they bite people. Itchy, swollen mosquito bites are often unpleasant enough; however, mosquito bites are much more dangerous than the welts they leave on your skin. Mosquitoes are the most dangerous pests in the world and are responsible for transmitting harmful diseases that kill over 700,000 people across the world each year. A few of the dangerous diseases mosquitoes are known for spreading include malaria, dengue, yellow fever, and West Nile virus.

It’s important to keep yourself and your family protected against the problem mosquitoes cause, especially when your health is at risk. With help from the trusted pest control experts at Around The Block Pest Control, you can do just that! We offer standalone mosquito control treatments as well as continued treatment plans throughout mosquito season (March-November). With Around The Block, you can rest easy knowing your property is protected. To learn more about our mosquito misting services, call today!


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