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bed bug crawling on sheets

How Do Bed Bugs Get Into McKinney Homes In The First Place?


Bed bugs are known as parasitic hitchhikers by most professional pest control agents, largely because of their ability to hop from person to person in pursuit of a meal. This hitchhiking behavior makes it difficult to avoid bed bug activity in crowds, and to keep them out of safe McKinney homes. ... Read More

squirrel on fence outside of a home

The Key To Keeping Squirrels Away From Your McKinney Property


When you see a bushy-tailed squirrel bounding along your outdoor fence or sitting on a bench eating an acorn, it can be easy to forget that they’re rodents. If you ask someone if they’d willingly allow rodents into their yard, they’d probably say no. But if you ask them the same question about squirrels, they’d probably tell you they don’t really care. ... Read More

norway rat in basement

Here's Why Do-It-Yourself Rodent Control Fails In McKinney Homes


If you suspect your home has a rodent infestation, there is only one reliable solution guaranteed to work every time, and that is professional rodent control courtesy of Around The Block Pest Control. Our service technicians have been successfully removing rodents from homes for years and would be happy to help you with your infestation.... Read More

a bed bug crawling on sheets

5 Easy-To-Spot Signs Your McKinney Home May Have A Bed Bug Problem


The way we talk about bed bugs today, you might think they are a myth akin to the monster under the bed. Unfortunately, that just isn’t true. Bed bugs can appear in any home, whether or not that home is dirty or messy. In fact, you don’t even need to travel very far to bring bed bugs home to your family.... Read More

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