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Mosquito Illustration
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Mosquito Control

Experience the most comprehensive and effective mosquito control solutions, where we combine various treatment options for unparalleled results, ensuring your comfort and peace of mind.

Are Mosquitoes Making Your Time Spent Outdoors Miserable?

When spending an evening at home in your backyard, nothing is quite as annoying as hoards of buzzing mosquitoes that won’t leave you alone. But did you know that the problem with mosquitoes extends far beyond their itchy bites? Mosquitoes are carriers of a number of dangerous illnesses, including West Nile which has had confirmed cases in McKinney, Texas. In order to keep your family safe from these health threats it’s important to keep the mosquito populations on your property to a minimum. Around The Block Pest Control provides comprehensive mosquito control treatments that will greatly reduce their numbers so you and your family can enjoy being outside in northeastern Texas.

The Best Mosquito Control Available

When it comes to providing quality mosquito control, most pest control companies offer only misting treatments performed with a backpack misting machine. Though these treatments are effective and we offer them as one of our trusted mosquito control solutions, we’ve found that the best approach for professional mosquito control is to use a variety of different treatment options.

Backpack Misting Treatments

For our backpack misting, one of our professionals will treat targeted areas around your yard including common resting spots and breeding sites with a fine mist of professional-grade mosquito control product to effectively eliminate adult mosquitoes, larvae, and eggs. This service is also available in combination with our In2Care mosquito traps for the highest level of mosquito protection.

Professional Misting Systems

While portable backpack misting is a great option when targeting hard-to-reach areas around your property, we also offer an installed misting machine. This works like an above-ground sprinkler and operates through a remote control, allowing you to dispense the mist when the timing is most convenient for you.

The misters take 2-4 days to install and come with either a 50 or 100-gallon drum that typically needs to be checked and filled every couple of months. As needed, we'll come refill and clean the tank as well as clean the lines for $200. To request an inspection to get a price quote on the installation of the mister, give us a call!

Granulation Treatments

Along with our misting treatments, we provide a granular treatment to your lawn. People and pets produce an odor that attracts mosquitoes. The granules are a repellent which emit a mild scent that masks these attractive odors and keeps mosquitoes away. We'll also work to remove any standing water on your property as it acts as a breeding ground.

In2Care Mosquito Traps

The In2Care Mosquito Trap effectively attracts and kills both adult mosquitoes and larvae. The adults pick up the larvicide powder on their bodies and spread it to the larvae, effectively eliminating them, then die off themselves within a matter of days. The trap's effectiveness is not limited to the trap itself, but extends to the surrounding area as well. For the maximum ongoing mosquito protection for your property, we also offer a bundled service of our backpack misting and In2Care mosquito traps. Buy our services now!

Say Goodbye To Dangerous Mosquitoes!

Whether you want professional mosquito misting services, granular treatments, In2Care mosquito traps, or a combination of our backpack misting and In2Care systems for maximum effectiveness, the northeast Texas mosquito control experts at Around The Block have you covered. Our comprehensive mosquito control solutions will have you outside enjoying your backyard in no time, without the worry of mosquitoes or mosquito-borne diseases! To get started with our mosquito protection, reach out to us today!