Professional Pest Control For Melissa, Texas Home & Business Owners

Are pests such as bats, rodents, or termites damaging your Melissa property? Do you wish there was an effective way to eliminate all your pest problems and prevent future infestations from occurring? If so, Around The Block Pest Control has just the solution for you! Our professional pest technicians have years of experience in the pest control industry and are equipped to deal with every pest problem you could face. Avoid the unnecessary stress of pest infestations when you have Around The Block on your side.

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Home Pest Control In Melissa, TX

Keeping pests out of your Melissa home is often harder than it sounds, especially without the help of a licensed pest control professional. With the pest technicians here at Around The Block Pest control on the job, you can trust that your residential property will remain free of pests year-round. In addition to our general home pest control services, we also provide the following:

  • Monthly organic services

  • Rodent exclusion

  • Bat removal

  • Termite control

  • Pest bird prevention

  • Mosquito misting treatments

We provide a wide range of services to account for the specific needs of your home and budget. No matter what pest has invaded your Melissa home, Around The Block Pest Control has the skills, tools, and equipment needed to remove your pest problem. Reach out to us today to request a free estimate for your residential property.

Things Everyone Should Know About Cockroaches In Melissa, TX

Everyone knows that cockroaches are disturbing insects. There’s nothing worse than turning on the light in your basement and watching several cockroaches scuttle into the darkest corners of the room. However, understanding more about cockroaches can help you keep them out in the long run. Cockroaches invade Melissa properties while looking for food, moisture, and warmth. They are capable of spreading several disease-causing bacteria such as cholera, dysentery, salmonella, and typhoid fever.

Despite the myth that they will only invade dirty properties, cockroach infestations are often found in clean environments. Open garbage cans, leaky pipes, and easy entry points are all common reasons cockroaches invade. Removing a cockroach infestation can be a nightmare, especially if the infestation has had time to mature. Cockroaches reproduce fairly quickly, which makes early prevention important. Keep cockroaches away from your Melissa home or business with the help of the trusted pest control specialists here at Around The Block Pest Control. We have everything you need in order to remove cockroaches and keep them from ever returning to your northeastern Texas property.

Commercial Pest Control In Melissa, TX

Owning a successful business is all about keeping your customers satisfied. If your customers aren’t happy with your products, services, or establishment, it’s unlikely that they’ll return or recommend your business to anyone else. If pests invade your Melissa business, they are capable of tampering with your products, interfering with your services, and scaring away customers. Many business owners forget the importance of commercial pest control. However, an effective commercial pest control program can remove existing pest problems and ensure no pests infest your property in the future. When you partner with the licensed pest professionals here at Around The Block, we will make it our number one goal to provide you with a pest program that will keep your Melissa business pest-free. Call today for more information about our commercial pest control.

4 Problems Rodents Cause In Melissa, TX

Here in Texas, many pests are a year-round problem, and rodents are no exception. Mice and rats often invade Melissa properties in search of food, water, and a place to hide. If your property provides rodents with those three things, it won’t take long for an infestation to take place. Rodents cause many problems for Melissa homes and businesses and can even be dangerous in certain situations. Here are four ways that rodents can be problematic for you, your family, and your home or commercial property:

1. Rodents are responsible for spreading many parasites, pathogens, and diseases. Some of the diseases rodents carry include salmonella, tularemia, plague, and many more.

2. Mice and rats contaminate food items and counter surfaces with harmful bacteria from their feces, urine, and saliva.

3. Mice and rats become aggressive when they feel threatened, which can result in several painful bites or scratches if you aren’t careful.

4. Rodents chew on many things in order to wear down their ever-growing front incisors. This damages furniture, wires, piping, shelves, books, and wooden structural beams.

Handling a rodent infestation without professional help can be dangerous, which is why professional rodent control will always be your best option to keep your Melissa property protected. At Around The Block Pest Control, we provide several rodent control and treatment options, including trapping, removal, bait boxes, and exclusion services. We are always ready to help you with your pest problems, big or small! To request your free estimate for your Melissa home or business, contact Around The Block today!


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