What Termite Season Means For Your McKinney Property


Pest populations tend to start when we least expect them. When it comes to destructive pests like termites, ignorance of how problems start can lead you to not realize you have an infestation until it’s too late, when damage is extensive and often irreversible. To avoid the serious and dangerous damage that termites can create, learn everything you can about how termites first invade your property.

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Termite Season & What It Means

The time when most new termite populations start is called termite season. It marks the time of year when mature alates, reproductive termites with wings, leave their home colonies to go form new ones. It’s these swarms of termites that act as the first signs that an infestation could be right around the corner. If you’re not prepared, with adequate prevention measures and the ability to quickly clamp down on new termite colonies, your property can be a prime target for termite swarmers. If termites do get a foothold in your yard, it’s just a matter of time before their wood-boring ways cause much bigger problems.

How Much Damage Termites Cause

Termites chew through wood and make elaborate tunnels in loose soils. Because they make their mounds and tunnels in dirt, termites typically start outdoors and feed on subterranean woods and fibers. Once their population has grown big enough, though, termite colonies can grow to threaten entire trees and structures. It’s these larger targets that make termites such destructive pests. As they weaken the structural integrity of large trees or walls, the risk of collapse increases and can lead to even more damage. It’s this cycle, started by the first colonizing termites but continued year-round by their workers, that makes them such hazardous and harmful pests. Only by taking early and frequent action to prevent termites from colonizing in the first place can you hope to prevent this cycle from hitting your property.

How To Prevent Termite Colonies

Often, people treat pests as problems that they must respond to, rather than prevent. The problem with this is that pests can grow out of control before you even notice that they are there. With termites, the consequences for this kind of surprise are far too great to ignore. Instead of only worrying about termites during termite season, or once you’ve spotted the signs of their activity, it’s better to keep up on these preventative measures year-round:

  • Wood storage: Naturally, yards with ample wood debris or other fibrous waste to feed on will make for attractive first targets for termites looking to form colonies. Reduce yard debris around your property and store firewood a good distance away from your exterior.
  • Crack sealing: Termites can crawl through cracks or holes in exterior walls or foundations in order to get at interior woods. Regularly checking for and fixing these will help deter termites. 
  • Moisture control: Preventing water from building up and damaging your exterior woods is a matter of frequent inspection and routine pipe maintenance.

The Best Protection Comes From Around The Block

Other than the fact that they are far more common than people realize, termites are problematic because you can’t always address all the factors that attract them to your property. That’s why the best form of termite control comes from professionals who know all the ways to protect against termite colonies. At Around The Block Pest Control, we can help you keep up on all the things that are necessary for proper termite prevention. More importantly, professional solutions are the only way to completely root out and eliminate termite infestations. To make sure termites never destroy your property, get started on professional prevention right away.

Protect your property by partnering with Around The Block Pest Control.

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