All The Problems Bed Bugs Bring To Your McKinney Property


While you’re spending your nights warm and comfy in bed, you may be sharing your pillow with a few uninvited guests. The small, blood-thirsty, parasitic insects we call bed bugs love nothing more than to hop in your bed and make you their midnight snack.

bed bug crawling on sheets

What Exactly Are Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are tiny parasitic insects that feed only on the blood of humans and other mammals. Their flat bodies allow them to hide perfectly in the seams of your mattress, box spring, headboard, and other nooks and crannies throughout your McKinney home. 

Bed bugs are attracted to moisture, warmth, and the carbon dioxide released from warm-blooded animals, and your bed or upholstered furniture provides them with ideal conditions for their survival. These pesky pests can survive months without a blood meal, making them one of the most resilient insects in the world. These critters are most active at night but will emerge during the day to feed as well.

Bed bugs have been around for a whopping 3,500 years or more, yet they continue to plague us even today.

What Problems Do Bed Bugs Cause?

While a bed bug’s bite may not be poisonous or transmit disease, an infestation can still lead to several second-hand health issues.

Some people are allergic to the anesthesia-like chemical that’s released when a bed bug bites. This allergy can result in excessive scratching, which opens the door for various secondary infections.

A bed bug infestation can also result in a case of insomnia. The thought of bugs crawling around your bed and invading your personal space can have a serious psychological effect.
Severe infestations can even result in anemia. People who have been the victim of bed bug infestations have shown abnormally low iron in their blood samples with no clear signs of inward or outward bleeding. The amount of blood consumed by the bugs during major infestations can be difficult for the body to replenish.

How To Spot Bed Bugs In Your Home

While bed bugs can be clever criminals, they tend to leave some evidence at the scene of their crimes. Below are some of the signs of a possible bed bug infestation:

  • Small blood stains on your pillowcase, sheets, or mattress.
  • A musty odor from the bed bug’s scent glands.
  • Dark spots on your sheets, mattress, and bedding from bed bug droppings.
  • Fecal spots, and shed skin in places where bed bugs are known to hide.

The sooner you spot bed bugs, the better. They are very difficult to get rid of once they’ve found their way into your McKinney home, so early detection goes a long way. If left untreated, a bed bug problem will only worsen as time goes on. Even if you don’t have any visible bites or obvious signs of a bed bug problem, you should still inspect your home carefully, just to be safe.  

Trust The Experts

While there may be dozens of DIY bed bug remedies on the internet, the best and most efficient way to treat bed bugs is to rely on an expert. Furthermore, you will likely spend an exorbitant amount of money on treatments that just don't work. To effectively eliminate a bed bug problem, you have to eliminate every last bug and egg. This is practically impossible with professional tools and experience.

Around The Block Pest Control is Mckinney’s premier pest control provider, and we have years of experience preventing and removing even the most stubborn bed bugs. Our time tested, modern, and effective bed bug control solutions are guaranteed to stop bed bugs dead in their tracks.

Our years of experience eliminating bed bugs in Mckinney has taught us how to think like these pesky critters. We know where they’re hiding and how to find them.
Let Around the Block Pest Control give you back a confident and comfortable night’s sleep by handling your bed bug worries with safe, friendly, and professional service. Reach out to us today to learn more about our bed bug control options. 

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