5 Easy-To-Spot Signs Your McKinney Home May Have A Bed Bug Problem


The way we talk about bed bugs today, you might think they are a myth akin to the monster under the bed. Unfortunately, that just isn’t true. Bed bugs can appear in any home, whether or not that home is dirty or messy. In fact, you don’t even need to travel very far to bring bed bugs home to your family.

a bed bug crawling on sheets

You can get bed bugs from a hotel stay one town over, or even from the seats at a movie theater or the cushions on the bus. Your child could pick these bugs up at school or you could bring them home from work.
That’s why it’s incredibly important to learn to spot signs of bed bugs so you can stop an infestation as soon as possible. By learning to see the signs of bed bugs, you can avoid coming in contact with them in the first place and you can get them out of your McKinney home as soon as possible if they manage to make their way in.

Bed Bugs In Your Home

Like I said, bed bugs don’t just appear in dirty motels. They live anywhere that humans spend time. Bed bugs travel in baggage, clothing, furniture, and even electronics.
They seek out soft, dark areas like your mattress, the cushions of your couch, drawers, and bags. At night, they emerge from hiding to feed… on your blood!
These bugs are good hiders and very small, but they aren’t impossible to spot. Here are some things to look for in identifying bed bugs in your McKinney home.

Learning To Identify Bed Bugs

  • Bites. Often, waking up covered in red, itchy bumps is the first indication that you have a bed bug problem. After all, if you end up with these signature bites, it’s a pretty good sign that you have an infestation.

  • Trouble sleeping. Even before you see bites, you may realize that you’re waking up more throughout the night. Whether you feel bugs crawling, feel them biting, or don’t realize why you’re awake, bed bugs can be a major sleep interrupter. If you aren’t sleeping well, check for some of these other signs.

  • Dark stains. Bed bugs are messy eaters, so when they’re living in bed with you, you might notice stains on the pillows and sheets from their feeding. Other stains might be from their fecal matter, and you can see this on bedding, furniture, or even on the carpet.

  • Shed skin. Bed bugs also shed their skin, so you may notice bits of shed skin or pieces of dead bugs. Again, these aren’t just around the bed; they can also be on furniture, in carpets, and inside drawers.

  • A bed bug. This might seem obvious but it’s important to note anyway. If you see a small black or red bug on your bedding, this should be cause for alarm. If you aren’t sure whether or not it’s a bed bug, call in the experts to verify.

Next Steps For Dealing With Bed Bugs

So, what do you do if you see any of these five signs? Call Around the Block Pest Control. We’ll come to your home and help you identify bed bugs. We’ll check to see how far they’ve spread around your home, and create a unique treatment plan that works for you and your family.
Don’t wait until it’s too late. Call Around the Block Pest Control at the first sign of a bed bug infestation.

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