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a norway rat crawling along the driveway of a mckinney home

McKinney's Exclusive Guide To The Norway Rat


Today,  Norway rats are common around the world, found pretty much anywhere people are found. In fact, they are the most common type of rat here in America and one of the most likely rodents that will try to invade your home.... Read More

a norway rat crawling along the windowsill of a mckinney texas home

Problems Rats Cause In McKinney


Thankfully, rats are no longer helping to spread the plague. They are, however, causing a fair amount of trouble for homeowners here in McKinney. Are you worried about rats getting into your home this fall?... Read More

a beautiful vibrant green garden covered in the morning dew and protected by the organic pest control treatment offered in mckinney texas

How Effective Is Organic Pest Control In McKinney?


The majority of pest control options on the market today are not eco-friendly. And many of the eco-friendly options don’t always work as you would like them too. Here at Around The Block Pest Control, we have found a way to eliminate pests without using conventional pest control.... Read More

a mosquito biting a mckinney texas resident on the bare arm skin durring the late summer season

3 Things You Can Do To Minimize Mosquitoes In McKinney


For a very long time, humans have been slapping themselves. Not because they want to, but because tiny blood-sucking pests forced them to. We're talking about annoying and frustrating mosquitoes of course. Not only do they steal our blood, but they leave behind red, itchy welts.... Read More

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