The Problems Associated With Roof Rats On Your McKinney Property


It’s a common misconception that rat infestations are rare and only occur in dilapidated or filthy dwellings. While such conditions would make a property susceptible to vermin, invasions can happen at any time. That’s why consistent pest control in McKinney is pertinent. If rodents like roof rats have a chance to thrive on your land, it will be dire. 

Roof rats are one rampant species in the area. As their populations grow, you’ll start to find things ruined. Further, you may begin to show symptoms of illness. Rodents are very germy. Learn more about this and rat prevention techniques. The options we have at Around The Block Pest Control are the best way to get rid of rats.

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Identifying a Roof Rat Problem On Your Property 

Roof rats are large creatures, around 15 inches long. Some are even bigger than that. Their black or brown fur is thick, and they have sizable eyes and ears that top their elongated noses. Their scaly tails are extensive. Sometimes, they’re called tree climbing, house, or black rats.

Infestation indicators are as follows:

  • You discover fecal turds that have the shape of rods
  • You see greasy stains on walls
  • You notice their small footprints
  • You hear scratching noises from inside walls
  • You find teeth marks on various objects
  • You see these nocturnal pests in the daytime 

These types of rats can stabilize themselves on power lines and tree branches. They can run across and get on top of your roof. If there are any gaps in your shingles, vents, or foundations, these pests will crawl into them. Their bodies are flexible enough to slip through a tight space with ease. Alternatively, they’ll chew a hole open. In addition to lofty spots, roof rats prefer damp, dark, and humid rooms like rafters, attics, and garages. 

The Many Dangers Of Having Roof Rats In Your Yard 

Most rodents will be in unsanitary places, like garbage dumps and street sewers, before coming into your home or business. That said, you can assume their coats will be full of bacteria. Parasites will be present as well. It’s nearly a certainty that roof rats will contaminate your food. Microbes could be on your surfaces, too — guaranteed if these pests urinate or leave droppings. Hantavirus, tularemia, and salmonella are some of the diseases rats carry.

On the subject of property damage, roof rats will cut their budding teeth by biting things. One day, you might find indentations on wires, foundations, pipes, and more. The consequences of this can be rather serious. You could end up paying for major repairs or calling an insurance company about an electrical fire.  

Factors That Attract Roof Rats To Your Property 

Again, roof rats like to be in warm and soggy zones. You can make the interior of your house less attractive to vermin by using a dehumidifier or air conditioner. Also, take care of any moisture-related breakdowns, such as plumbing leaks. Of course, edible materials will be of interest to rodents. Make sure you put food and trash in containers they can’t penetrate. Outdoors, groom your lawn, and clip your plants. Don’t forget to wash your gutters out. These creatures love tall grass and organic debris.   

How To Safely Get Rid Of Roof Rats Around Your Property

Traps and pesticides for roof rats have to be strategically set up and applied. Most residents don’t have the expertise to know how to do this. In any event, commercial goods can kill small amounts of rodents; however, they can be injurious or chemically dangerous. Our rat control services at Around The Block Pest Control include safe baits, traps, and exclusion procedures. Warranties are available. Call today for a free estimate!

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