The Key To Keeping Squirrels Away From Your McKinney Property


When you see a bushy-tailed squirrel bounding along your outdoor fence or sitting on a bench eating an acorn, it can be easy to forget that they’re rodents. If you ask someone if they’d willingly allow rodents into their yard, they’d probably say no. But if you ask them the same question about squirrels, they’d probably tell you they don’t really care. While squirrels may be enjoyable to watch in the wilderness, they can actually be quite the menace in both your yard and home. When you learn more about the dangers of squirrels, you’ll pay a little bit more attention to how you should be keeping them off your property.

squirrel on fence outside of a home

Squirrels In McKinney

The squirrels that plague most McKinney properties, which are a brownish-gray color, have two noticeable characteristics: their big, bushy tails and their large front teeth. Every rodent has these large incisors that are actually growing constantly, giving them the incessant need to chew. Squirrels are no different, which puts many parts of your home and property at risk of severe damage.

Squirrels are getting more and more comfortable being near humans and benefiting from what humans provide as far as easily accessible food sources. Nut and fruit trees you may have on your property are a huge food source and if you leave out pet food, birdseed, and trash, they will become a regular visitor. Unfortunately, though, the risk of having squirrels on your property is not limited to them eating your birdseed, pet food, and thrown-out leftovers.

Rooftop Ruffians

As you think about squirrels leaping from branch to branch or running along the tops of your backyard fence, think about how easily they can get on to your roof. All of a sudden, they don’t seem quite as endearing, do they?. Once they’re on your roof, that’s where they can cause a lot of destruction. Any damaged shingles are at risk of being removed, and any vents or chimneys could provide a point of entry. They’ll also use their sharp teeth to create a hole on the underside of any overhanging roof areas, allowing them to access your attic or crawl spaces.

In your attic, they’ll continue to fulfill their need to chew constantly. This puts your stored items, cardboard boxes, drywall, wooden structures, and your electrical wiring at risk of severe damage. Plus, squirrels typically use attics as safe places to nest and raise babies, multiplying the chewing problem and allowing for the potential danger of accidentally threatening a very territorial squirrel mother. Even squirrel bites have been known to transfer a variety of diseases to humans and pets, so, the bottom line is: you don’t want to let these squirrels hang around your home and property too long. By keeping an eye (or ear) out for the following signs of squirrel activity in your home, you can avoid the damage and danger of a prolonged infestation:

  • Any scratching and scurrying you may hear above the ceiling or behind the walls
  • Noticing holes chewed in food bags and boxes
  • Feces on the floor in the corners of closets and rooms

Proper Prevention Strategies

If you want to avoid an infestation in the first place, you’ll want to keep the following activities at the top of your to-do list:

  • Only use squirrel-proof bird feeders in the yard
  • Trim back branches from your roof to limit their opportunities to reach your attic
  • Seal up any potential entry points like chimneys, vents, or even cracks/holes in the foundation
  • Never feed them intentionally or leave pet food outside unattended

Unfortunately, you can check off all of these boxes and still end up with an infestation. The only guaranteed solution to pest and rodent problems is enlisting the help of certified pest professionals. For more advice or assistance on keeping squirrels out for good, contact the professionals at Around The Block Pest Control today.

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