Problems Rats Cause In McKinney


Throughout history, rats have made a name for themselves. Have you heard of the black plague? Although it was the fleas on the rats’ backs that were the true vectors for the black plague, rats played a huge roll in the death of over 30% of Europe's population. Thankfully, rats are no longer helping spread the plague. They are, however, causing a fair amount of trouble for homeowners here in McKinney. Are you worried about rats getting into your home this fall? We are here to help.

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3 Issues With Rats

How much do you know about the dangers of rats? Most people are aware that they can chew through walls and are adept at stealing food. What many do not know is that when they do this, they run the risk of getting people very sick. They do this through depositing fecal matter and urine which is left behind everywhere they go in places like inside drawers, on floors, and even in the food they scavenge. Eating one bowl of tainted cereal might send you to the hospital.

Rats have also been known to chew through things they shouldn’t such as utility piping and electrical wiring. This mostly happens inside the walls of a structure when these objects obstruct a rat's path. In some cases, this damage has led to serious water damage and even electrical fires inside homes.

Finally, and this is the least of your worries, rats can be loud, often keeping homeowners up at night with their scampering and climbing though walls and ceiling voids. If you value your sleep, rats are the last thing you want in your home.

Rat Prevention Tips

How can I keep these furry invaders out of my home?

  • Inspect the exterior of your home for holes, gaps, or cracks rats could use to get inside. Seal these openings by shoving wire mesh inside and filling over them with a caulking gun.

  • Make sure all of your trashcans have tight-fitting lids so that rats cannot gain access to your trash.

  • Keep your yard clean of debris. The fewer places rats have to hide, the better.

  • If you feed your pets outside, pick up their food and water bowls after they are done with them.

  • Clean regularly inside your home, making sure no scraps of food are left out for rats to find.

  • Store leftover and cardboard-boxed foods inside plastic containers.

  • Invest in professional rodent control designed to deter rats before they even think of invading.

What To Do If Rats Invade

If rats have gotten into your McKinney home, your best option is to call the professionals here at Around The Block Pest Control. With the best traps on the market armed with state-of-the-art bait to lure in rats, we will have your property rodent-free in no time. It’s our guaranty. Looking to rodent-proof your home or get rid of a current rodent problem? Give us a call today. One of our friendly service representatives is standing by and ready to find the right rodent control solution for you.

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